Gorge of Avakas

This gorge is a masterpiece of nature and is located in Akamas peninsula, northwest of Paphos. It is a paradise for hikers and for those who would like to learn more about the local flora and fauna. Here you will see the endangered Centauria Akamantis, an endemic plant found only here. The gorge is 30 meters tall and fairly difficult to cross. Parts of the route are slippery and involve climbing through rocks and stones so it is advisable to wear sturdy shoes. You will also need to bring plenty of drinking water and you should always travel with company.

The gorge has rich flora: pine trees, cypresses, junipers, wild fig trees, ferns, oak trees and a wide variety of wild flowers. Valuable specimen among them is the extremely rare endemic Centauria Akamandis with purple flowers that bloom in spring. The fauna includes foxes, hares, falcons, crows, owls, butterflies and a large number of reptiles. The gorge is 3 km long and some travel agencies offer organized visits.